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Our Children’s Future

  • Advocate for universal access to high quality early childhood education and Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten
  • Support full funding for our public schools, with no unfunded mandates placed upon local school districts
  • Fight for fair evaluation measures to pay our teachers the wages they deserve; focusing on the total educational experience and not solely teaching to a test
  • Support comprehensive partnerships that develop world-class vocational apprenticeship programs and alternative educational resources throughout Gadsden & Leon Counties
  • Advocate for designated construction funding for crumpling school infrastructure and critical facility maintenance that is consistent

Job Creation & Self Sustaining Communities

  • Promote smart growth/environmental friendly agriculture opportunities in Gadsden and Leon Counties through leveraging vital countywide natural resources that create jobs and sustainable economic development
  • Empower small business owners to create new jobs through incentives for employers by reducing unnecessary government regulations
  • Advocate for critical resources that expand and improve existing workforce training/professional development programs
  • Identify funding via public/private partnerships that create incubators promoting and sustaining the entrepreneurial spirit throughout Gadsden & Leon Counties to lower the rate of poverty
  • Support and collaborate with local government efforts throughout Gadsden and Leon Counties to promote regional transportation activities

State Employees

  • Fight against attempts to cut or stifle state employee salaries, benefits, and merit bonus pay
  • Advocate against efforts that seek to dismantle the Florida Retirement System
  • Support efforts to ensure new hires that enroll in the Florida Retirement System are able to join the defined benefit plan and not be forced to join the defined contribution plan
  • Advocate for improved state law enforcement wages, benefits and critical resources that impact job performance and public safety

Human Rights & Civil Rights

  • Strongly advocate for access to affordable, high quality healthcare and preventive healthcare measures that will save lives and money
  • Fight for equal pay wages between women and men throughout Florida’s diverse workforce
  • Advocate for alternative sentencing guidelines for Juvenile Offenders
  • Provide all veterans’ high quality comprehensive social services and critical resources that directly impact their ability to transition back into society. We must protect and not forget those who fought for and defended our country
  • Voter suppression laws must be repealed and Civil Rights must be restored to those who have paid their debt to society

Our Universities & Community Colleges

  • Effectively advocate on behalf of Florida A&M University, Florida State University, and Tallahassee Community College to ensure proposed higher education policies, funding formulas, and funding recommendations align with institutional goals and objectives
  • Fight against recommended tuition increases that makes higher education opportunities unaffordable
  • Advocate for consistent increases in need based aid for first generation college students
  • Fight against proposed legislation that supports the access credit hour penalty, block tuition initiatives, and efforts that fully dismantles the Florida Bright Futures Scholarship Program