Sponsored Bills (2019 Session)

Representative is: First Named Sponsor (by rule)

Bill Number Bill Subject
HB 339 Prosecution of Juvenile Offenders
HB 345 Educational Dollars For Duty Program
CS/CS/HB 589 Theft Offenses
HB 667 Criminal History Records in Applications
HB 755 Youth in Solitary Confinement
HB 887 Youthful Offenders
HR 1049 Lottery Funds to Support Public Education
HB 1375 Leon County
HB 2049 Florida African American Heritage Preservation Network
HB 2075 Leon County Lake Henrietta Renovation
HB 2077 Leon County Orchard Pond Greenway Trail Phase II
HB 2079 Leon County Harbinwood Estates Septic to Sewer
HB 2093 Leon County – Offender Reentry Assistance
HB 2195 Living Stones’ COVE Learning Academy
HB 2257 Tallahassee Community College- Business Info Tech Labs
HB 2449 Florida Youth Leadership, Mentoring and Character Education Pilot
HB 2451 Tallahassee TEMPO Workforce Training for Disconnected Youth
HB 2537 Chattahoochee Emergency Services-Lift Stations
HB 2539 Lively Technical Center – Instructional Aircraft
HB 2863 Quincy Sparkleberry Road and Oak Grove Lane Utility Extension
HB 2865 Midway Septic to Sewer
HB 2867 Gretna Emergency Services-Lift Stations
HB 2869 Quincy Lift Station Resiliency
HB 2871 Havana Lift Station Rehabilitation
HB 2909 Chattahoochee City Hall/ Emergency Management Building
HB 3013 Tallahassee Community College – Leon Works Expo and Junior Apprenticeship Program
HB 3015 Tallahassee Community College – Building Automation System
HB 3017 Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University Brooksville Agricultural and Environmental Research Station
HB 3025 Havana Sprayfield Land Acquisition
HB 3569 Gadsden County Center for Economic Empowerment
HB 3571 Bond Community Health Center Children and Women’s Wellness
HB 3667 North Florida College Buildings 7 and 8 Remodel
HB 4979 University of North Florida – Florida Rural Early Learning Exchange Network
HB 4981 Florida State University – Tallahassee Veterans Legal Collaborative
HB 4983 Tallahassee Community College – Nursing Program
HB 4985 Tallahassee New Jobs Workforce Development Program
HB 4987 Bethel Ready4Work- Tallahassee Reentry Program
HB 4989 Envision at Dre’s Pathway – Orange County
HB 4997 Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University – Classroom Technology and Distance Learning Upgrades
HB 4999 FAMU Infrastructure and Central Plant Improvements
HR 8057 FAMU Day
HB 9023 North Florida Community College Manufacturing Center
HB 9041 Apalachicola Drinking Water Improvements
HB 9043 Apalachicola Sewer Improvements
HB 9051 Apalachicola SRF Default Relief
HB 9093 Tallahassee Urban League Educational Enhancement
HB 9213 Shaping Success: Gender Responsive Behavior Management Program
HB 9217 St. Hebron Park and Recreational Center
HB 9243 Hurricane Michael Relief and Recovery
HB 9245 Holistic Cannabis Community – Medical Marijuana Education

Representative is: Co Sponsor (by rule)

Bill Number Bill Subject
CS/HB 49 Incarcerated Women
CS/HB 349 Students with Disabilities in Public Schools
HB 393 Employment Practices
HB 485 Prohibited Discrimination
HB 525 Renaming Of Florida College System Institutions
HB 545 Drinking Water in Public Schools
CS/CS/HB 593 Postsecondary Fee Waivers
HB 857 Firefighters
HB 2395 Apalachee Center Short Term Residential Forensic Facility
HB 2397 Apalachee Center Community Action Team